GB Electronics

GB Pulse (battery level monitor)

Fitted as standard to every GB bass processor (preamp), the GB Pulse is a visual (via LED) battery level indicator, that is activated when ever a jack plug is connected into the output socket of the instrument.

The "pulse" is visible through the smoked Perspex control cavity cover on the rear of the instrument.

The LED pulses once every 6 seconds indicating that the batteries are at an optimum level. As the power of the batteries decrease, the rate of the pulse increases. Once the pulse starts to flash three times a second, the batteries need to be replaced - but don't panic! Due to the low power consumption of the preamp, there will be more than enough power in the batteries to see you through the next few weeks.

By checking the "pulse" regularly you can say goodbye to that age old mid performance nightmare of a malfunctioning instrument due to dying batteries (we’ve all been there!).