GB Electronics

GB G-Spot (pitch pipes) - optional extra

The GB "G-Spot" is an internal spot frequency reference note generator for GB basses i.e. "electronic pitch-pipes" for your bass. Being small enough to fit on top of the existing board, it is fitted inside the electronics compartment, you won't know it's there until you need to use it.

Once fitted, it lies dormant until you push a discretely fitted button on the Perspex electronics cover plate. First it will produce the harmonic G on the 12th fret and step through D,A and E. If you have a 5 string and want bottom B that is available as well, after which it goes to "sleep"; until reactivated by pressing the button. It produces true bass harmonic tones along with the bass string sounds so you can tune the open strings through your amp.

Many musicians have excellent relative pitch but very few of us have absolute or "perfect-pitch" so getting that first note right can be a problem. This is not a replacement for a conventional tuner, but is very handy if you have nothing with you at the time. It can also be used for a constant tone that you can practise your "chops" over.

There are a number of options available for its operation. Two octave ranges are selectable so you can tune to the fundamental or to the harmonics as many bass players do. The notes are referenced to A440 though custom options may be available as we manufacture the unit.

There is a trimmer control on the board that lets you adjust the balance between the reference tone and the string sound - though this is done during setup and should not need altering during normal use. If you want this for your GB guitar, fitting can be done relatively quickly. There is normally no woodwork involved, but a discrete touch pad needs to be installed on the Perspex back plate.

The electronic pitch is crystal controlled and uses digital signal processing techniques to produce its tones and is guaranteed to be spot on pitch every time.