GB Electronics

GB LEDs - optional extra

Static side dot LEDs are retro-fitted along the edge of the fingerboard, designed for use while playing in dimly lit environments. They provide enough light to guide your playing without interfering with your fellow musicians. They can also be installed in conjunction with static fingerboard LEDs, or with the GB LED sound-to-light system.

Similarly, the retro-fitted static fingerboard LEDís are activated with an on/off switch located with the other controls. All the fret markers on the fingerboard will be illuminated either, up the middle, along one side, or in a zigzag pattern (whichever location you have chosen for your fret dots.) The GB logo on the headstock can also be illuminated. The LEDís can be made to appear bigger and brighter with magnifiers - fantastic for making sure that they are seen from off stage. The choice is yours.