GB Electronics

GB G Kick-Drum (metronome) - optional extra

The GB "Kick-Drum" is an internal metronome for GB basses. As an optional additional function to the "G-Spot" circuit board, the "Kick-Drum" is fitted inside the electronics cavity of the bass, being small enough to fit on top of the existing preamp circuit board - you won't know it's there until you wish to use it.

To activate the "Kick-Drum", simply press and hold down the bridge pad and an authentic kick drum sound will be heard from your speaker. To adjust the tempo of the metronome, press the neck ("G-Spot") pad to reduce the beats per minute and the bridge (Kick-Drum) pad to increase the beats per minute. To switch off the metronome, simply hold down both pads simultaneously until the kick drum stops.

The GB "Kick-Drum" has itsí own dedicated memory that stores the tempo that was last selected (which is more than we can say for many drummers that Bernie has worked with), so when the unit it is reactivated, the "Kick-Drum" will resume at the previously selected tempo.