GB Demonstrations

Welcome to the GB Guitars demonstration page. This page collates all our demos into one easy to navigate area. You'll find audio clips below and video clips in the right pane. For more information on any aspects of the item being demonstrated, please use the links in the left pane.

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GB Bass Processor (preamp)

At the heart of our basses lies our own unique GB Bass Processor preamp. Combined with our own Q-Factor pickups, we believe that we have created the most versatile bass preamp system available on the market. Take a listen to the audio demos below for a taste of some of the sounds that can be obtained from GB bass guitars.

Demonstrations by Bernie Goodfellow

Coming soon!

Demonstrations by Laurence Cottle

For more information on Laurence Cottle, please check out

Bass Talk

Quite Firm

I'm Further

Demonstrations by Stuart Clayton

For more information on Stuart Clayton, please check out

Wooten Medley

Teen Town (slap)

Mr Pink

Country Music

GB Guitars wish to thank Laurence Cottle (outrageous playing from the master!), Stuart Clayton, James Durand and Dan Humphreys for their help and generous contributions with regards to their demonstrations of GB Guitars.

video demonstrations