GB Electronics

GB DSP Sound-to-Light Processor

If you want LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) then have the best system in the world. Until recently, the lights were either on or off. Now, GB have a fully programmable controller that effectively gives you a light show on your instrument, with dynamic moving displays which are either preset or will trigger in response to your playing. The controller uses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology that gives the ultimate in flexibility in creating a highly visual LED display from sounds.

Many of our clients choose to have LEDs fitted into the necks of their new basses. Some also have them retro-fitted into their existing instruments.

These solid-state (semiconductor technology) lights give a colourful and attractive display that is bright enough to be effective even under stage lighting and are available in a wide range of colours; you have to see these live to appreciate them and peoples reactions to them!

If you have contemplated having lights on your instrument already, the controller is the only option for the "ultimate showman".

GB Guitars wish to thank James Durand for his generous contribution with regards to his sound-to-light LED demonstration.