GB Electronics

GB Bass Processor (preamp)

At the top end of the bass guitar market, high standards of design and exotic features should be taken for granted. So what makes GB Guitars' instruments outstanding? Not all electronics are created equal and while there are many fine pickups and preamps available off the shelf, we demanded far more from our instruments. The solution? We designed our own system. Our sophisticated active GB bass processor is made on high quality fibreglass boards using double sided plated through hole (PTH) fabrication. We use these boards because they are superior in strength, durability and electronic performance to the standard board.

The onboard GB preamp together with our high performance Q-Factor © humbucking pickups produce an unequalled variety of tones. The controls are easy to set or reset, giving you the freedom to explore new dimensions in bass playing and self expression that you will not have experienced ever before. Thatís a promise.

You can select all of the traditional sounds that you will have been used to and a whole range of sounds that until now have been unobtainable. Once familiarised with the controls, these sounds and many more are all just a tweak away.

GB Guitars wish to thank Laurence Cottle (outrageous playing from the master!), Stuart Clayton and Dan Humphreys for their help and generous contributions with regards to their demonstrations of GB Guitars.