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Preamp controls Preamp controls GB Sound-to-light GB G-Spot and GB Kick-drum

The preamp knobs control the output from the two custom GB pickups on board. The control knobs on the preamp circuit are as follows - Pan (pickup blend), Master Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble tone filters. The GB switch reconfigures the pickups and preamp for even further hi-fi sounds. Laid out in an easy to use configuration, adjustment of the controls, even when playing, is very quick and simple.

The 3 tone controls normally have approximately a 42db (equivalent to +/- 21db cut and boost - this is a relative system) range - or greater. This is already a considerable amount and due to our special pickups, may sound like even more in some regions. Such powerful EQ enables complete control of your tonal palette from your bass without reaching for the amp.

Optional extra installations on the bass can lead to further controls being mounted on the instrument. Typically, this would include a switch for static LEDs or a rotary control knob for the operation of the full-on GB sound-to-light system. Where the GB G-Spot or/and the GB Kick-drum have been installed, touch pads for the operation of these systems are mounted and installed in the preamp cavity plate on the rear of the instrument.

GB Spitfire  5 in Black American Burr Walnut with blistered Maple neck

GB Spitfire 5 in Black American Burr Walnut with blistered Maple neck.