GB Innovations in bass guitar design and Electronics

80s innovations

Neck Fixing

Neck fixingMy neck fixing method has become an industry standard.

The conventional "wood screw/neck plate" style has a fundamental weakness; over the years they often work loose and the fixing holes have to be plugged and smaller holes have to be re-drilled.

My method of fixing the neck to the body uses 5mm hardened hex-bolts into threaded inserts which sit in recessed brass washers. Superior in looks, comfort and durability; they don't work loose.

Headstock Design

Headstock designThis smaller head design option is becoming an industry standard.

My small headstock has many benefits. It is aesthetically pleasing, it reduces the length and weight of the neck; making the Rumour bass lighter and perfectly balanced for ultimate playability.

Maccassar ebony & rosewood tuning pegs for Schaller M4 machine heads

Tuning pegOriginally only available on Goodfellow bass guitars.

These are the only replacement tuning pegs for M4 Schaller machine heads.

I designed these to be fitted on all the original Goodfellow basses made from the late 80's to the mid 90's. They are aesthetically pleasing; for comfort and playability they reduce the weight of the machine heads. I went to the Schaller factor in Germany to have a meeting with Helmut Schaller who sanctioned my design and their continued production.

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